Tories attack MS Sufferers Very disturbing for all of us who are on MS meds-- dig a big whole ,shove us in and bury us why don’t you? I know which “charities” will stand by and agree with them don’t you?

I can ask for some more information on this if you’d like to some up to date information?

Greg [admin]

This is scary stuff, don’t know what to say but ‘watch this space’. Things can only get worse.

This thread dealt with the issue a couple of days ago.

I always hated the Torie’s, I am not on any meds but know a lot of you are and that is just scandelous They really upset me by their view of gays and the introduction of section 28 and now theyre doing this I wish Labour were still in power.

This story illustrates why the current medical paradigm will come to an end.

There are a number of cheap treatments for MS - LDN – HBO - diet - vitamin d3 for instance that the current paradigm will never fully explore because there is no profit motive to test them. - however even individuals can afford them so they are in widespread use.

There are a number of licenced products, most with severe limitations anyway, which are not generally available because there is not sufficient money to pay for them because they are too expensive much of which may well be due to profiteering.

Unfortunately what happens with MS is not very important because it is not very common, but as more and more people seek out alternate treatments for cancer and other more common problems for which there are many, that will make a big change inevitable.

It is happening because the web makes information available to anyone who wishes to do their own research and take responsibility for their own health.

This story illustrates why the current medical paradigm will come to an end.

I am a keen user of alternative therapies but still inject Betaferon and would be considerable worse without it.

It’s all very well using alternatives but we also need drugs that help with relapses and are hoping for drugs that will help with Progressive MS. We are not all able to afford LDN, many of my friends are ‘on the breadline’ and are unable to use DMDs as their MS has progressed too far and anyway it doesn’t always help.

We need the freedom to choose alternative therapies and we also need the NHS.

Wendy x

Yes I understand that but the situation is developing to the point where if it alternative the NHS will not fund it for lack of evidence. If it is licenced the NHS will not fund it for cost grounds.

It is however worse than that because some people do get things like LDN and vit D on the NHS.

If this is licenced then some people will get this on the NHS and at that price probably only for a few years before they are cast off to fend for themselves.

The system is failing £20B is being taken out of NHS funding plus whatever it costs to re organise it. Drug prices are rising, it really does not matter if that is a rip off or there are genuine reasons for that. More rationing is inevitable.

Since there are cutting social service funding even more will be on the breadline if they are sick.

The system is broke

Surely the MS Society will be ‘Suiting Up’ to fight for the members…Oops,I was forgetting about the donations made by the Drug Industry.

A few years ago one of the management team on the Old Website gave a complete breakdown of the donations made.How I wish I’d made a hard copy. Does anybody remember?


The system is broke

Only if we let it happen, are you advocting private health insurance then David? Where would that leave most of us who are stuggling to survive let a lone pay for our health.

Wendy x

The current problems are creating a good market for private health insurance but what they are looking for is fit people who are not likely to claim much. They will not be actively seeking sick people so that they can fund expensive treatments against a premium of a few pounds a week.

I am not particularly advocating anything and I do not share your optimism that ordinary people have much power over the current collapsing system.

NHS reforms are happening against the wishes of both doctors and nurses, I suspect most of the public are against them as well but we do not really have anyone to speak for us in the way the doctors and nurses have.


This may reassure you. Vit D3 is entering trials here in Australia so the profit motifve is not always the driving force behind clinical trials. Think of the number of new trials for Aspirin for example. Been out of patent for yonks but it is still trialled for new treatment modalities.



Not always I agree but LDN dates back 25 years vit D probably longer so we do wait a long time for not profitable treatments to be evaluated and rarely do they get licenced.

CCSVI dates back maybe 170 years +

As this original article illustrates once things are licenced via the normal industry funding system then they are generally rationed on grounds of cost, in the UK at least.

In the UK we are rapidly coming to the point that if something is licenced you cannot have it on the NHS because it is too expensive. If it is not licenced then you cannot have it because of the lack of evidence.

Over that there is a post code lottery system where some people get things like LDN and vit D on the NHS and others don’t.

It is much the same with licenced treatments our area will not fund Sativex at all for instance.

Nothing but left-wing scare tactics and privatised dirt digging.

Honestly it sucks that the NHS will have to pay more for the drug but there is no talk of cutting it off completely. I’d back the conservatives despite this as atleast they are willing to take some form of action.

The fact is that the pharmaceutical companies can donate to who/whatever they can afford and if labour had any power they would donate to them.


Ok - I’ve got some figures for you.

National revenue is approx £29M.

Income from pharamceutical companies - for a mixture of sponsorship and funding projects - was £165k in 2011 and is projected to be about £100k in 2012 .

Greg [admin]

Hey, Greg, that would just about cover the salaries of the total web team. Shame it has to be used in research and such. I’m not very good with figures is that about 0.003%?


Think you owe the MSS an apology of sorts Woblyboy. These accusations are unfair and untrue. Why keep sniping away at the MSS?

Thanks Greg.