To late or not

So ive been dx with ms for 17 years now Wasnt offered meds or much guidance when i was diagnosed and haven’t seen neurologist for years after i got fed up sitting in waiting rooms for hours only to have 5 min if that appointment
Just spoke to my ms nurse whenever ive had issues
Had relases here and there some leaving an impact others less so
Had my biggest relapse recently and it impacted my mobility alot , def gave me a scare, thankfully im seem to have been lucky and got most of my strength and mobility back.
Made me wonder if i should be considering medication to try limit any further damage but wondering if im too late and wont be considered for anything
Got a new neurologist who sending me for scans so wondered if it was worth considering/asking or if i just need to try carry on as i have been

Dear Chucky. I’m no expert but so far as I know and unless you are already very disabled, there is no ‘too late’.

If I were you I would contact your MS Nurse as soon as possible and start talking about DMTs.

The bottom line is that the NHS would prefer you to be as fit and healthy as possible.

Absolutely agree with Hank. It’s seldom ‘too late’ unless you’re at an incredibly advanced stage. Speak to your MS Team and get started on a DMT. Good luck.

Well, I am recently diagnosed (March) after 20 years of symptoms. They were going to fob me off again , saying “oh, just disc trouble” until……they saw the mri- fluff everywhere :joy:. So got an ‘urgent’ appointment to return etc etc etc.
Anyway, I’ve just started Kesimpta in the hope that my ‘disc problems’ & carpal tunnel etc etc’ don’t get any worse. Seem to be getting along with Kesimpta okay- so easy.
I guess I am of the opinion if it can stop it - take it :wink: