Has anyone used this drug for muscle spasms. I have recently been experiencing spasms in my sleep and during the night which affect my whole body if I turn over or move. Saw this drug listed for this symptom but wonder if anyone has used it before and if it helped?

Hi I have had great success with tizanadine. I was getting muscle spasm and cramp both day and night. I take 2mg in the morning and the same again at about 2pm. then 4mg before I go to bed. The 4mg makes me very tired hence I take it at bedtime. the 2mg did give me a bit of tirdness to start with but know I’m fine.

I have had no other side effects.

Hi, I have been on Tizanadine for over a year now. At first I was on 2mg three times a day, then increased to 4mg as was still getting spasms. I did feel tired but was getting very stiff in my joints etc, it was then increased to 6mg three times daily. This did help, but then I began to “space out”, and got very tired. Went to see my GP, who did an ECG and then promptly called an ambulance as my heart rate had lowered to 37 beats a minute. I stayed in hospital for four days till my heart rate increased to normal. Tizanadine slows heart rate, which I did not know about. I am now back to 2mg a day with 5mg of Baclofen. Things have settled for me. This will not affect everyone in the same way, but please take good care. It also lowers blood pressure, hope this info helps.

Thank you both very much for your thoughts and experiences with Tizanadine. I am very grateful to hear how other people have got on with this medication. Take care and keep well. xx Barbara