Tips for coping with brain MRI

Hi Jo

Images weren’t very clear on the CD which I was surprised about but maybe I just get low resolution images. Seeing neuro next Wednesday so hopefully I’ll get some news then.

Hope you’re doing ok?


That’s great Jane fingers crossed all goes ok on Wednesday my app is the following week

Joanne xx

ah. stalking you now Jane. i am DESPERATE to see my brain. i wonder if i could’ve got copies. didn’t think to ask. maybe not poss on nhs?

did you have contrast?

like you i would be googling ms brain scans and comparing. ive done this with my neck mri - which i took a pic of from the consultant’s computer screen. it looks like there are white bits to be honest. if there were lesions surely he would have saiid?

self diagnosing of mri scans - ha - safe in our paranoid laymen hands… not.

i ought to post the pic, we could all post our pre diagnosis pics and place bets, start a sweep - it would be a way to pass the time whilst in limbo hell. :wink:

Look at the sticky posts at the top of this thread called “A beginners guide to MRI scans and the brain”. These were originally posted by Rizzo who definitely knew her stuff and are completely invaluable.

Diagnosing from an MRI can is a bit more than a glorified game of “Where’s Wally?” with a fugitive lesion!

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i did read that sticky but i dont remeber bits about ‘reading’ scans. i will look again. scuse my typing ive gone from 70words per min to one fingered :frowning:

I have Harrington rods in and spent the time trying to meditate and convince myself I wasn’t vibrating or about to go splat!

otherwise it was fine, staff were devoid of all personality and there was almost zero chat.

No contrast (lol to the stalking!)

Tbh the scans I have here are not of good enough quality to really see what is going on, I’m going for the ignorance is bliss option right now!

Hi, in addition to taking a relaxation CD in with me and closing my eyes I found it helpful to think of my partner, friends and family who knew at that time what I was going through and it helped me to feel supported and like I wasn’t alone. My radiologist was very kind and sensitive, too, when I got nervous about the injection. I did open my eyes at times and was surprised to find that I didn’t feel too claustrophobic and by the end I was nearly asleep.