Tingling shoulder blade - relapsing worry! 8) x

Hi Guys!

I haven’t posted any queries for a while as I’ve been pretty well symptom free since starting Gabapentin & Baclofen in February - I’m still not sure whether it was the meds that did it or whether I was coming out of that relapse anyway! But hey ho after suffering so bad for so long it was such a relief to feel almost ‘normal’ that I went down the burying my head in the sand route!

Unfortunately around 4/5 weeks ago a couple of my old symptoms started to come back - nothing too debilitating but annoying - muscle spasms/tighness right leg, night sweats, burning, ‘invisible flea bites’!

My double vision has also come back with a vengeance - especially when I’m hot and tired x

But the new symptom that’s driving me up the wall though is a tingling/tight/numb prodding sensation on/under my shoulder blade!! When it started I kept thinking someone was behind me poking me! Also I’m having a bit of difficulty swallowing - my tablets are literally getting stuck & dissolving in my throat

Anyone else had these two?

Like I say - this is nothing as bad as my last relapse where I was totally housebound for months but it’s bothering me! It’s almost like it’s reminding me it’s all still there & can wreak havoc with my life again anytime it feels like it!

I’m scared this is the start of another relapse! xxjenxxx

Hey Jen

So sorry to hear you have had new symptoms. I’m in a sort of similar boat to you in that I’ve felt apart from my blip in Jan/feb v well and normal. It’s so easy to lull yourself into a false sense of security and think you’re going to be okay and maybe it was just one of those things.

I haven’t really had swallowing issues apart from when I’ve had reflux on off. I have had stabbing pains with my first episode in my L foot and L armpit. Mine was more like a hot poker going in so I’d jump.

I guess a pit stop at the GP might be a good idea in case it’s a urine infection or something else thats causing a pseudoflare. Have you tried letting the neuro-secretary know about the new episode of symptoms? It maybe worth it as they could try and see you sooner perhaps.

Hope you feel better and it’s just a blip.



Hi Jen,

The tingling/prodding shoulderblade is something I get. I first really noticed it over a year ago and at the time I was actually depressed as someone very close to me had seriously betrayed my trust, so it literally felt like I was being stabbed in the back!

It comes and goes but often feels like I’m being pricked with hot needles and often returns when I’m standing at the sink washing up. Maybe it’s my posture and the hot water shrug. Do you notice yours flare up in certain circumstances?

Can’t help with the swallowing issues but I hope it resolves itself quickly :heart:

Hi Jen

Sorry you’re experiencing some problems at the moment.

I’m not dx, but I have a lot of tingling around my shoulder blade, and also get the ‘prodding’ feeling. I had it on my hand last night, and my foot earlier in the day. It’s really weird, and I keep looking to see who or what’s touching me!

I agree that a visit to your GP may be in order to rule out any underlying causes. I also think it’s important that these things are documented, so if you speak to your GP about it, it will at least then be in your notes for future reference.

Good luck, and I hope you’re feeling better soon,.

Hi Reemz x it’s a flippin mare isn’t it! Funny enough I was looking at some of our old posts last night - scary times then but a bit more blase about it all now to be honest! Mad what you get used to eh! I saw the neuro a week before this all started! Sods law! I’m waiting on an LP & VEP’s.

I’m also wondering if the Gabapentin is wearing off - no idea how long it is before you become tolerant - I’ve been on it around 7 months now and oddly enough my symptoms coincided with a new box - so I’m even wondering if it’s a bad batch! Talk about clutching at straws!.

I think I’ll give my GP a ring to see if I can up my dose to see if that works xx

Hi Reiki - I’ve been keeping an eye on whether it’s when I’m doing certain things or sitting/standing etc but it doesn’t seem to correlate with anything - it’s pretty constant. The area just tingles - it doesn’t hurt at all - sometimes the muscle is fasciculating and then it goes numb for a while. That’s horrible re the trust betrayal xxxx

Hey Jen, thanks for the x’s. All is well now, thank goodness. It’s just the way I think, linking up experiences with emotional, mental or physical responses. That’s why I’m a holistic therapist! I hope you find your answers soon. Good luck!