This is a weird one

Dunno if anyone can relate to this but whenever I have to scratch anywhere on my body ( to relieve an itch ) my skin burns like mad for ages in the place where I’ve scratched even if it’s a light scratch. The burning is so intense and I hate it if I itch anywhere as I know it’s going to hurt like hell when I scratch. This has only happened for the last few months, it’s so weird.

Ha yeah I thought it was just me, sometimes I also get little bumps where I have scratched with the burning and its bright red.

You can either try to ignore it or rub some cool mint toothpaste or menthol anything.

Not sure if this is part of MS like hypersensitivity to do with nerves.

Another odd thing happens the first mouthfull of Cider makes my saliver glans hurt or ache like you put one of them nasty sour sweets in your mouth, it almost gives me jaw ache!


I have trouble when I scratch. I know it’s going to damage my skin and hurt afterwards but I just can’t help myself.

I was recommended to try Cetabren Emollient Cream (£7.00 at Amazon) and it really helps. I keep it in the fridge so it’s very cooling. It helps to calm the after effects of scratching and actually seems to help with the original itch.


I thought that was just me too! Even if I don’t scratch with nails but just rub it’s so painful