The Proms

I cannot stand some of the high brow music played at the Proms and the Last night were they are waving flags to songs like England Rules the Waves seems to be ironic when they decry the BNP for doing the same thing. All right that’s probably below the belt.

But listen to this; so much class and people enjoying their music; brilliant.


Yes, well, I would have been amazed if you’d said you understood it.

But never mind you must have seen the wrong programe, as there is no such song, unless you got the tile wrong, perchance.

Hi darlin,

Yeh I hear from a concert Harpist you are a concert Pianist; you clever old thing. Not only a degree in History?

I myself am very adapt with the comb covered in tissue paper. I declined to play with the London Philharmonic.

I didn’t mean last night at the Proms; I meant ‘Last Night of the Proms’ that is really only people getting excited about their music. To me though it is a little akin to a BNP rally; flag waving etc.

Hubby and I went to the Last Night of the Proms a couple of years ago. It was brilliant and about as far away from BNP as it’s possible to get! It was good old fashioned patriotism and every race, colour and creed were bellowing the words and waving the flags - together :slight_smile:

I’d have felt happier if they also played Scotland the Brave (:-)), but it was still an awesome experience :slight_smile:

Karen x

Love the Proms. Just wish they’d televise some decent ones.