the meter man

Hi gang! Just thought I`d tell you what happened on Tuesday this week. Pretty difficult time for me.

Hubby had  a hospital appointment at 4pm. He sorted me out and set off locking the front door and and the back doors were open, as it was a nice afternoon and our litttle Lucy could go in and out.

A bit later on, there was a knock at the door. I wasn`t expecting any callers and thought it must be a delivery for something hubby had ordered. I went to the front door and forgot it was locked and rammed the wall, adding the damage to the rest of our house with my wheelie efforts!

So, I called out `Who is it?` A male voice said it was the meter reader. Well I thought I`d better let him in.

I told him to come round the back, which he did. Now the back access route for me and anyone lese is through our bedroom., into the hall and the kitchen. I told him the meter was in a certain cupboard. Meanwhile Lucy appeared to see who was in her dogs do.

He patted her and i said she doesn`t bite, as she has no teeth. He asked why and how etc.

After he`d read the meter I went to show him out, as I turned to see if he was following me.......................he had his hand down the top of his trousers and said he was `adjusting himself`.......................I was shocked and felt this isn`t what I want to see!!! He then did follow me out to the deck. He leaned on the fencing panel and asked if I was enjoying the nice weather. I said not, as it was too much for me.

He looked right at me and asked what my condition was. I said MS, as it is easier to say that rather than go through my history!

He asked how it affected me, what caused it and I felt quite uncomfortable being questioned this way, by a stranger. he then said `Oh, it`s like a mate of mine who has ME.............he can`t be arsed to do anything either!!!`

By this time, I wanted him gone.....but he persisted in questioning me........................I said, `Right then. Thankyou`. His final words were `What`s to stop you getting your arse over the road and having a wheel out?` I said I can`t  go out alone. He repeated `My mate can`t be arsed to do anything either`.

He finally went. I rushed to lock theback gate and shut myself inside, locking the patio doors and jamming the key in my haste. I pulled the curtains on and waited for hubby to return.

He reported the rude, ignorant so and so. It hit me just how vulnerable I am. I`ll never let anyone else in the house i don`t know again!

luv Pollx

Hi Poll that must have been very scary, he sounds very rude. I think you are in your right to make a complaint to your supplier. You are in a very vulnerable position and deserve to be treated with some respect. Take care Poll and don’t open the door to anyone you don’t know again. Love Karen xxx

OMG Poll!

What with that man touching you in the street and then this idiot as well!! - you have had your fair share of scary situations just lately!

Take care Poll and be careful who you open your door to when you are by yourself.

I hope he gets into trouble with your complaint - his behaviour is not acceptable!

Hope you are ok.

Teresa. x

Oh Poll,

What a vile individual. I’m sorry you had to go through that! I hope his firm discipline him for it! Please make sure you don’t let anyone in again unless it is family or friend.

I hope you’re OK. I’m sure that must have really shaken you up.

Please take care,

Teresa xx

Hi Poll

What the **** what an awful experience. Its worrying just how vulnerable we can be in our own home.

Hope you are okay.

Also how is Graham doing, does he have any results through and is he alright?

Love, Mary

Hi Poll

OMG how awful for you, hope you are ok now.

Just a thought, as I understand what being vulnerable feels like, I have

a careline and always wear it when I am on my own.  It is connected to

the phone and you wear a bracelet (or necklace) and just have to press

the button if you have any problem, medical or not.  Down here they

are obtained through out local council, wonder if it's worth you enquiring.


Hope all is well with you and your family. ttfn



That's awful Poll!

I hope you make a formal complaint against him.


Karen x

Are you sure that this person was a genuine meter reader? Did he say which company he was from?

If he was from the gas or electricity company, he would have an ID card, and he should show it to you on request.

If there is any doubt as to whether he was a genuine meter reader, you should really phone the police, as there are many bogus callers around, and they often travel round an area looking for vulnerable people.

Most energy companies have a scheme where they can make appointments for meter readers etc. in advance. They will tell you the name of the person who is coming and when. You can then arrange to have someone in the house with you if that will reassure you.





Well ta so much for all your concern and support. I do think he was a genuine meter reader. That`s a good idea to get them to make an appointment, so that way Graham would be in.

much luv Pollx

Hi Mary, thanks for the support.

Graham has been told he has ostero as well as rheumatoid arthritis…no meds for that, just paracetomol.

He is smoking again…4 or 5…he says, but in the garage, not the house, so that`s good.

luv Pollx

Poll, that sounds scarey. I don't answer the front door when I'm alone during the day now. I can't be bothered with cold callers and anything else is pre booked.

Jacqui x

Horrible to know you have had a wrong 'un in your house.  That man should not be allowed into people's homes.  You can be absolutely sure that you are not the only person who has had a bad feeling about him.  Chances are that he has tried to get away with more when he has sensed an opportunity - and maybe succeeded.  A nasty thought.  Sorry, Poll, that's not good.




I wanted to comment when this thread was posted however I didnt as I was so angry that someone could speak to you in this manner and I surley would of reported this myself.Never let anyone make you feel uncomfortable in your own home I am disgusted about his attitude and topic of conversation.


He deserves to get the SACK...... what a complete and utter ar==hole xx G

Hi all. Thanks for the words of support.

I got a call 2 days ago, from the meter man`s boss. I was asked for my `version` of what happened! i was told it was unacceptable the way I was spoken to by the meter reader. and that the man in question would be brought in to give his `version`.

i don`t like the way the word `version` was used in this context.

Today we had a letter outlining the complaints procedure. If i hear anymore, I`ll update you, but not sure if I will somehow.

luv Pollx

Hello Poll,

                I am so sorry that you were put in this position - I do not use a chair, but I know that I would be left feeling just as shocked as you were. I would also feel incredibly disappointed with life & people in general. But don't let yourself be beaten by cretins like him. I hope that he looses his job over it, as he doesn't deserve to have one. I hope that you gor the wrong end of the stick when you had the idea that you wouldn't hear anymore. But I just wanted you to know that I agree with your actions and opinion 100%. Take care of yourself and try and forget the moron forever.

                         Best Wishes,


Hi Moira, sorry for the delai in getting back to you.

I had a call from the morons boss, asking for my version of what happened. At first his tone wasnt good, but after id finished the tale, he became more human and said this behaviour cant be toleratrd. he knew who the culprit was and will be calling him in ofr his version. i dont like the way the word version was used in this context. If I hear anymore, ill post it.

Thanks so much for your concern. You`re a good egg!

luv Pollx