The journey

I am trying to put some sort of account together concerning the development of this chronic condition. It is a way of rationalising about it and putting it into perspective. I’ve tried to be precise and succinct. If you wish to read it you may fight some parallels with yourself.

Best wishes, Steve


I remember, at the age of 11, a teacher going around the class asking each of us to name our hero / heroine. I said, without hesitation; “Jacqueline Du Pré.” I had no idea, no notion of MS then. And I wouldn’t do for another decade…

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Interesting blog Steve. I didn’t know that Jacqueline Du Pre had MS, I only knew her prodigious talent was cut short.

Reading about fellow MS’ers journeys does help me to put my own into perspective. I was diagnosed in 2012 but hindsight has allowed me to make sense of some of the bizarre episodes that were occurring in the years prior to that. I started a journal on diagnosis initially to document symptoms but which very soon became a place for me to offload any frustrations, capture thoughts (both good and bad) about my new life and those things I didn’t want to talk about with anyone else.

Thank you for sharing your ‘journey’.


Steve you write so well. You definitely have a talent there, I enjoy reading your blogs, please keep at it and send links. Yes, it made me realise how stupid I was having been a nurse and looking back at the obvious symptoms I wrote off as being due to my own stupidity or a dose of hypochondria. Hind sight is a wonderful thing.

But aren’t you also a bit glad that you didn’t seek treatment then? I am, as I’ve lived and worked really hard at a career I loved, bought my home, brought my daughter up etc without that over my head. Do you find writing your blog helps you cope? Your use of pictures, bold print and big letters is very good too, it must take time, and its very effective and interesting.

Well done

Cath x

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Thank you, Cath.

Yes to everything I think. I had the diagnosis in 2004, four years into my teaching career. But I felt I had time to both build my career and get the house and everything. The writing is a real catharsis.

Best wishes, Steve x


Hi Stage

Great blog, as always, thank you.

Looking back I think a lot of us had little things happening, but like me, always found a reason to blame, but I suppose we didn’t put them all together.

I can recall falling over twice for no apparent reason, and just thought I was being clumsy, and pins and needles, always blaming how I had slept.

Hindsight is wonderful, but hand on heart, I am glad I didn’t know then what was on its way, I may not have had my gorgeous Son and Daughter, may not have travelled etc the list could go on and on. In my case ignorance was bliss.

Pam x

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Same here Pam, such a lot to be grateful for as you say ignorance was bliss.

Mags xx

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Steve hope you don’t mind I rebogged it on my WordPress blog, I also tweeted it as well. I feel it is important to let people know how we MS’s feel and how we cope. It may just help someone else who is in need.

I liked the blog and am looking forward to the next instalment.


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Morning Don.

I’ve finished all three parts. I’ve got it down as The Journey on here.