The Asparagus Man

Had a surprise-surprise visit from a couple of friends - who l have not seen for years. And they have done something many of us have wanted to do - they have both written books and had them published.

David Collins - took early retirement and gave up a jet-set style life and moved to the Algarve. He and his wife bought some land and built a house. Then started growing Asparagus. Not a easy thing to grow!!! And this book tells of his life surviving bureaucracy -and flash floods.He is a very amusing chap - so you will love to read this. We had a good laugh trying to decide who would ‘portray’ him if it is made into a film.

‘‘The Algarve Asparagus Man -plus one’’- David Collins- ordered mine via amazon.

My other friend has spent 26yrs writing her book - and has paid to have it published herself.

‘‘lntegrated Thinking! The NEW IT’’ by Sue Pearson. Hope it does not take me 26yrs to read. Sue lives in Totnes - a keen gardener -and has been very active - organising unwanted gardens and waste land into vegetable plots and very attractive community gardens.The Totnes Garden Trail. l was surprised to see her on one of Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstalls tv programmes a few years ago. Her book will not be about gardening.

We had a lovely couple of hours reminiscing about ‘the good old days’.

It’s good to read about the good things that happen and how you have enjoyed yourself.

Can you get as an e book

Book will be released this next week - so mine is a ‘pre-release’ order at amazon - and l am pretty certain is will be available for e-readers.