Tecfidera advice

Hi Everyone,

I know there have been many, many threads on Tecfidera, but I would just like some up to date advise for now.

I have been sent my first pack of Tecfidera (1 months supply of 120mg) and I want to know the best way of starting it. I’ve read that some people take 1 tablet per day for the first couple of weeks, then up it as the time goes on.

I have a 11 month old baby, and a full time job so I would like to minimise any side effects that may raise their ugly heads!

Thanks in advance.

there is nothing to up date; the prevailing advice stands; all is as was. but in my opinion (for that is all it is):

good that you have the 120mg. you need to ask that this is all you ever receive until you request otherwise.

one a day for week one is a good start. you will be taking this beneficial poison every day forever potentially, so there is no need to flood your body with it asap. a nice gradual tolerance needs to be built up if it is to make a minimal impact upon your life.

make sure you have a decent amount of food in your stomach (whatever that means to you personally); doesn’t matter what sort of food, just as long as the quantity is adequate. (this is not an excuse to stuff your face.) take your dose about 75% through your meal.

the only likely side effect you will get when starting, is possibly nausea from a sense of anxiety / anticipation.

other that… an aspirin daily at least 30 minutes before daily dose one = reduced flushing (and is good for your heart anyway)

if you flush / itch / allergic type silliness = take an anti-histamine

stomach cramps etc = take a paracetamol

job done. too easy. good luck.

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Thank you, Paolo. I will follow your instructions, and fingers crossed no nasty side effects get me!

come back here if you need any help.

several in here know all about the Tec and what works best for them

good luck!