takes guts! (not MS)

Hi. reading Teresas post re theres always someone worse off, made me want to post how my sis in law in Canada is doing.

You may recall she was diagnosed with brain, lung, liver and bone cancer a short wuile ago.

I spoke to her on Sunday…her attitude was admirable! I asked what the plan of treatment is and she said she didnt know. Her docs had ruled out chemo.for whatever reason........then last Thursday they were meeting to discuss radiotherapy, but she wont get to know their decision until next Monday! The poor lass has a long wait. I asked if she would accept treatment. She said she would.

I said I hoped she would make a recovery (had to hide my true fears for her) and she replied, Theres no hope about it. I WILL beat this thing and Im not going anywhere for a very long time.

What a strong attitude eh? Bless her.

luv Pollx

That does sound like a great attitude so hats off to her and hope she lasts a while. My dad was diagnosed with a brain tumor and given a few months to live. Understandably he was very scared and worried.

He used to be a very active man and it was horrible seeing him bed ridden and in such a bad state as he was, he managed to last a year despite the doctors verdict so hope she makes a good recovery and fights it off as long as she can.

Take care Poll and send her my good wishes

God bless her. It’s fantastic she is so positive. Good Luck to her. Teresa xx

Hi Poll,

what a brave lady, my brother in law is in a hospice in the final stage of liver cancer,looks like he wont last tonight, its so awful when they have to suffer like this isnt it.

jaki xx

Hi Poll

Oh bless her, what a strong positive lady she sounds, fingers

crossed for her.

Pam x

Hi jaki, any news on your bro in law? Sad times indeed.

luv Pollx

Hi Poll.

Just had a phone call an hour ago, he died last night,hes at peace now.

jaki xx

Oh jaki, I`m so sorry to hear that. But he is at peace now…so sorry.

luv Pollx


jaki xx