Symptoms, test, no diagnosis

Hi everyone. I am new to the group. My symptoms first started 2 years a go. At the time I had burning pain in the left side of my face with left sided weakness. I was admitted to hospital and they though I had, had a stroke at first. After an MRI scan they referred me to a neurologist, he put me on 100mg of amatryptalin as he said the pain was due to my senses ‘pinging’ as I had, had sepsis a year earlier and this would help. The MRI scan showed that I also have a cyst in my left sinus cavity.
Moving on a year the follow up with the neurologist he said that the symptoms were now being caused by the cyst and o was referred to ENT. ENT said the cyst wasn’t causing the issues. I am now on Topirimate for migraines although I don’t suffer with them.
In the 2 years I have had the last sided weakness, pain, tiredness, spasams ect but manageable. Until 2 weeks ago. I started the new year off on my walking machine everyday after work feeling really good then bam out of no where the pain and fatigue hit. It started in my face with the extream burning and down my neck. My vision blurs, my speech begins to slur and weakness in my legs. I feel so sick because of the fatigue, yet cannot sleep.
I have issues with bladder weakness and memory loss, I couldn’t remember how to get home from the shops when driving (my neurologist says this is normal). I have now started with a tremor in my voice, arms and legs which my gp has witnessed.
I went to my gp to tell her I felt so bad I felt like taking my own life and she just said it was a headache. I have since put in a formal complaint and seen a higher up member of the practice who has agreed that this is something more and Cound be ms but could be a long battle.
I have paid for a private MRI which I will be having on Friday but feel so worried as if it shows up nothing where do I go from here.
I am really struggling with these tremors and also with the thought of all the time I am having being off work.
Sorry for the long post just hard to speak to family when they don’t really get it.
Thanks for taking the time to read x