Symptoms but neurologist won’t order any tests ?

Hi looking for advice or similar experience ? Since Sept 23 I’ve had numbness pins & needles in left arm & foot balance problems, tipping backwards upon standing feeling very weak & some numbness of the mouth , spasms in ribs & thigh and a diagnosed dropped foot all of this on the left side only . I was originally sent to spinal who wrote to neurologist suggesting a neurological condition. Was seen urgently however the consultant spent 10 mins with me & said he can see I have neurological symptoms but won’t be ordering any further tests as he feels it’s all trapped nerves ? I’m worried confused and feel short changed as I’ve been discharge from both spinal & neurology with no advice or treatment ? Thanks for reading

You need a second opinion. Go back to your GP, describing your condition. Maybe your GP might order MRI and LP or get referred to another neurologist - ideally in a different NHS trust. Or pay to get the tests done privately.

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I had a GP a few years ago who wouldn’t refer me for an MRI and put my symptoms down to anxiety and depression.
I went private as I knew something was seriously wrong.
My first MRI found brain and c spine lesions.
I was then added to my Neurologist NHS list and given access to a MS nurse.
My Neurologist diagnosed " probable MS" and demylination.
He said it looked like i may have had MS for a number of years as all my lesions were old.
It took 3 years for a formal diagnosis as my lumbar puncture was normal.
Eventually my latest MRI found a new lesion and I met the Mcdonald criteria and a formal diagnosis was made.
Started a DMT in September.
As your Neurologist has said he thinks your problems are neurological why will he not refer you for a MRI or further tests ?
That is really the only way they can see if there is any damage in your brain or c spine.
Definitely seek a second opinion.
Your neuro is leaving you with problems and no answers or treatment to help you.
They have a duty of care and tbh I would make a complaint.
Go back to your GP and ask if they can refer you for an MRI.
They can do this as I have back problems and my current GP referred me for a lumbar MRI.
Take care and keep pushing I do think many of us have faced similar issues.


Thank you for your replies. Apologies , for full clarification the spinal team did a mri of spine & found thoracic disc bulging but he was adamant all my presenting symptoms & the neurological physical tests he did on me presented a neurological condition and was so sure I would be having a brain mri and further testing with the neurologist he prepared me for that & he wrote a comprehensive letter to him which I felt was all dismissed before I even set foot in his office ! I have many other symptoms in the past like vertigo , tinnitus heavy limbs & constant exhaustion. I will go back to my GP as I can’t forget about all symptoms which was the neurologist final say. Thanks again