symptom advice please

Hiya all Advice sought on my symptoms please started about 4months ago strange pins &needles in my feet, hands,head and face. Drs did full bloods b12 ect all negative. I had a mri of brain 8weeks ago came back negative…in the last two months Ive had worse symptoms… random burning sensations throughout body…problems remembering short term tasks and struggling to get my words out whilst trying to remeber what I want ie my head just.goes blank…last couple of days been getting cramp/spasms in my left thight (never had any before this) during the night…im having very vivid flash backs of events,places and people I have met and things ive done years ago(very strange dreams aswel)…very dry eyes and floters have appeared in last year…GP said due to negative mri I dont have ms but he has referd me to nuerologist who im seeing next month…are these symptoms anyone can relate to? Cheers andy