Swimmng with a "Dop foot"

Hiya guys

Hope you are all as well as can be!

I used to enjoy going swimming, you could keep fit and it felt you didn’t have to put in as much effort as something like running!

I’m 18 and I got the infamous dropped foot, and I got worried when my physio said it may be permanent now, I went swimming - after a very very long time - and found it was quite difficult to swim because of it, and I am -obviously- quite worried.

Has anyone else tried suffered from this or been through the same thing?



Hi, my swimming ability has deteriorated too. I now need 2 carers to stop me from drowning! I know that won`t be good news to you, but maybe a physio can offer a solution to try.

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Hello Zak,

Yes, I am afraid that my swimming days seem to be over. I used to be a very good swimmer, but now with my lazy left leg, I seem to vere to one side all the time. I remind myself of a poor spider that has had half of its legs removed (as some school boys are want to do). I thought I was doing okay until an old man who was also in the pool pointed out my vering! Grr!! Another bad point is the humidity in the pool, but one good point has to be that the water seems to support my weight completely, so in that way it is beneficial. You will have to give it a go, as i suppose that everyone’s MonSter is different.

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Hi Zak,

You could try wearing flippers to give your foot some support and so you use less energy when kicking. I find the difference incredible. Use the ones with the full heel though and not just the strap at the back.

Hope this helps,


l wear a SAFO- for my dropped foot - and you can wear it in the shower/swimming pool.

Just google SAFO - silicone ankle/foot/orthotic

i swim alot and did despite a dropped foot wich has now improved but not gone. I will say it made it harder but isnt that probable going to do more good for your body because you are having to work harder? Well thats how i looked at it any way

hi Zak

eight years ago i was diagnosed with MS as it got steadily worse i stopped going to the gym and swimming as i felt i couldn’t mentaly go slower even though my body said so. Anyway have started again and got a shock when swimming as my swimming was terrible and i suffer from drop foot. I have been going now for two weeks and i have found an improvement in my leg and in my swimming so don’t give up.

Thanks for all the replies!

I went again and I aimed for the deep end of the pool to force my foot to move! And it did, I was so happy and saw an improvement in the movement and power of the foot too. So yes I aim to keep going and not give up!

Thanks again