Surgery receptionists

Good morning all. Hope you are as well as you can be. Having decided to stop moaning and count my blessings I also decided to try and get back some control. My disinterested neurologist discharged me a couple of years ago, and I have had a moan about that from time to time. Anyway yesterday I spoke to an MS nurse by phone and she suggested I ask my GP to refer me to an MS specialist. I won’t name names or hospitals. Yesterday I rang the surgery to be told my GP was on holiday and they couldn’t take a message for him until he’s back next week. I thought it odd, but hey ho. Anyway, not being easily fobbed off these days I rang again this morning, got a different receptionist who took the message and assured me he’d get it Monday morning.

Also I’d like you to keep your fingers crossed for me. I can’t get any local authority help with necessary building work to make my home more disabled friendly and we don’t have sufficient savings, but we have a good credit rating so will be able to get a loan. I’ve applied to the MS Society for a grant towards the cost. I feel very cheeky about doing so, but the lady I spoke to was really kind and understanding, so now I’m waiting for a decision.

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I used to work for an advice organisation and we made many calls for clients. We used to use the “call back technique” if the first phone call was unsuccessful, phone back 20 minutes later and get a different person - more often than not with a different result. If you got the same person again - well, act dumb and waffle. Some people are either more knowledgeable of the systems or simply more prepared to be helpful.


That second GP receptionist clearly isn’t part of the true sisterhood of receptionists, the Dragons at the Gate…I’m boggling at the disinterested neurologist comment. But you don’t want to dwell on that, do you, so, moving on…! A specialist sounds like a great option though, got to be a step forward from what you have now, hopefully a leap forward.

The very best of luck to you with getting help with a grant! Isn’t it sad how we do tend to feel like we’re doing something we shouldn’t be, when we make a request for help that we’re totally entitled to do. Makes me wonder just how many people miss out on help, financial or otherwise, because of this British reticence that so many of us have.

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I had that once with a restaurant.

My then bf phoned and tried to book a table. He was told they didn’t have any available.

He told me: “I don’t believe them; you try!”

I said, rather tetchily: “Don’t be silly; if they haven’t any tables, they haven’t any tables. Why would they lie? And what’s the point of me phoning to be told the same thing?”

He said: “Please, humour me. Just try, OK?”

/Sigh. “OK, for you Darling”.

I ring the restaurant: “Table for two, eight o’clock?”

“Yes, that’ll be fine. What’s you name, please?”

Bf: "Told ya! "

Dunno how he knew.


I absolutely detest Dr’s receptionists!!! I received a letter from my doc telling me he needed me to make an appointment ASAP. I started phoning at 8 in the morning (they only work on appointments for the day, you can’t book in advance!), after an hour of trying, a receptionist answered & told me all the appointments had gone & I should have tried phoning earlier good job she wasn’t in front of me, I’d have clocked her 1!!! even after explaining to her I had been "summoned " she told me to phone back EARLIER, (CHEEKY MARE ) next day!!! I thought "bu***r it, I then had 3 demands to see doc, as he really needed to see me, the joke? the bloody receptionists send the letters out!!! No hope I’m afraid, none whatsoever Good luck with the grant!!! Tracey x

Oh Tracey, it’s crazy, isn’t it. I mean I fully understand that these appointment problems arise because they have more patients than they can cope with. But, um, that’s their problem, not ours, and we shouldn’t have to put up with snarky receptionists.

I’ve not actually seen a doctor since July of 2013. I was signed off then, and have had many doctor’s notes since, but they do that over the phone, would you believe! I mean it’s convenient for me, and as I have MS I suppose they really don’t need to see me every time, they know I have a genuine illness, but I can’t help but wonder just how many of the system-milkers out there are taking full advantage of this phone renewal process.