Am having yet another relapse started steroids today and partner has dissapeared for hours Great take care Raychelle

Hi Raychelle.

Hate seeing a post unanswered,so i will try.

Has your partner done this before,if so is it just when you have relapse.

Is it oral or IV,do you normaly feel better after it.

Hope your partner turns up soon,and your steroids kick in quick.

Take Care.


Hi Raychelle

I hope the steroids start to help you soon.  It's not a fun time when you are in the grip of a relapse and being pumped full of drugs; it is a very stressy time and a person is very full of hopes and fears and it is all very exhausting.  Try to get as much rest as you can and give yourelf a chance to heal.

I hope things start to improve for you very soon.