Steroids are good but not good!

My steroids taste foul and have given me a fat tummy and face!!! Even Gareth noticed my round tummy. It could be uniform weight gain couldn’t it and surely they could make the tablets taste if strawberry like calpol! :-/ Rant over for now Becca

Still, it could be worse.

It was, I could hardly walk and couldn’t grip anything. The neuro is going to try to put me on Copaxone. That terrifies me but I need to brave up because I have four children who need me to be able to do everyday normal things especially the sixteen and two month old. My poor little seven year old has been my rock over the past week and she shouldn’t have to be.

Hope you’ve seen improvements hun xxx

Hopefully, Copaxone will help prevent relapses and render steroids a thing of the past. It must be exhausting enough trying to cope with four kids, let alone with MS too.