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hi everybody!

Just wanted to know if anybody has any information on stem cell treatment? in particular if you have tried stem cell treatment abroad. Panama in Mexico has been highly recommended and there is a lot of information showing treatment in Panama has been successful for a lot of ms sufferers however, I was wondering if there are any countries closer to the UK where people have tried the treatment and if so what are their experiences?? Any information would be highly appreciated.

i haven’t tried stem cell treatment but it sounds promising.

i did try CCSVI treatment 4 years ago.

the results were amazing but sadly they didn’t last.

it was expensive (£7000) but i don’t regret it because i would always have wondered.

hope someone comes by who can answer your questions

carole x

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Stemcell treatment could be the best potential thing to happen for people with MS. But, as always happens, when researchers start looking at something new, the get-rich-quick fraternity leap into action at the first bit of publicity. Some sections of the American medical community go for properly set up research programs. Some, however, head for Central America where they are away from the US regulatory authority.

The Panama clinic in in Panama (not Mexico) and before that Neil Riordan was operating in Costa Rica. Go figure …

Take a look at:
and then read:

When people have to make multiple trips to a clinic like this, it does look like the treatment does not work quite as well as claimed. My eyebrows went up at the claim that this was a treatment for Autism - which is essentially psychological. Now there is a serious ongoing trial in Chicago on HSCT (where the stem cells are harvested from the patient). That is serious medicine - but we have to wait for the long term results.

What you have to think about is:
Will I regret not giving it a try? See Carole’s post above.
If it goes wrong, what will it do to the rest of my life?

Either of these assume that you can afford it. Then you have to consider where to go for treatment.


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Thanks pigpen and drGeoff for your reply I will look at the links.