Starting Tecfidera (end of Feb)

Morning Guys - I am due to start tecfidera at the end of Feb - and just like many other posts, was wondering what other experiences - benefits fellow MSer’s have had on this treatment - I have been injecting copaxone for over 10 years now and take LDN as well - will be relieved to get off the daily injections but will I have to give up LDN as well - I’m fairly steady - MS wise but I have heard good reports about Tecfidera…any advice, opinions would be greatly appreciated…

I’ve been told taking it with peanut butter helps, im going to buy some today. There’s a group on Facebook, which I find really helpful. There are Americans in the group and they have had it a lot longer than us. I’m only in week 2 so still early days & still learning. Different people have given me different advice, don’t want to over load you.

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tecfidera is awesome. i live in canada and have been on it for almost half a year. the benefits of it, i do not know. i am not completely symptom free following my last relapse, and who knows if i ever will be.

but the taking of the pill is simple, for me it is easily tolerated. a few minor side effects early on were easily addressed.

simple advice: take on a full stomach to avoid stomach issues. use aspirin too to alleviate ‘allergic reactions’.

the one and only rule to follow: take doses at least 4 hours apart.

that. is. it.

good luck!

Thanks Paolo - how have you felt, before and after taking Tecfidra, basically… what differences has it made to your life…or should I say ur MS life…?



hi stephen

like you i was on copaxone and it is so good not to be injecting any more.

my ms nurse told me to stock up on immodium which i did.

i also invested in those washlets (the ones that make you feel as clean as gold pants).

however it was vomiting that affected me.

i was definitely eating a good breakfast but wasn’t keeping it down.

after a couple of days i tried a change of tectics and now eat breakfast, take my tecfidera and have some toast.

sort of trapping the tec between 2 courses.

yeay!! it worked!

i have only been on the full dose for 2 weeks so it’s too early to say if it has made a difference to my ms.

it feels good to be on a more effective medication.

good luck

carole x

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Thanks Carole - fingers crossed then…


sort of trapping the tec between 2 courses.

​ [/quote]

that’s my morning strategy for success as well

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i am feeling better, but whether this is attributable to the drug or simply the natural progression of a remission, i cannot say.