When i went to see my neuro he believed my symptoms were due to something affecting my spinal cord and brain althouugh he never used the words ms.

I tried to explain my symptoms the best i could and remembered 18 years ago i have an incident where everything in my vision looked foggy even though it was a sunny day. This happened a couple more times. I also told him about my left sided hearing loss.

No other symptoms until 2010 which were fatigue and muscle weakness and now numbness and odd sensations with walking issues.

If it does turn out to be ms how will the type i have be diagnoses, will my foggy vision and hearing loss mean RRMS?

Thanks Christine

Have you had a letter thru detailing your diagnosis yet? All my hospital visits seem to result in a letter that lays out what they think and a copy to my GP

My first letter said MS, likely PPMS and the next appointment followed a course of steroids and a brain MRI - he decided PPMS then, after we’d discussed reaction to the steroids etc.

I got a referral to London after talking to my Neuro-rehab consultant and expressing interest in trials etc. It was only then that with the benefit of hindsight I could say that I did visit a Chiropodist about the numbness in my big toe 12 years before. I had a weird habit with flip-flops of accidentally firing one ahead of me, that also started up 12-15 years before. There was some other factors but told not related… and it turns out they were.

If you have questions then call your neuro’s secretary maybe. Over one issue I had I called my MS nurse and she got my neuro to phone me.

I hope you can get some answers soon

Sonia x

ps. There’s no definitive test for the MS type, I do know that x