Speech Problems

When I talk I can hear imperfections in my voice but nobody else notices it.

Is it just me or is anybody else in the same boat?

Hi Mr Grumpy, I have a ‘croak’ in my voice… hard to explain… do you by chance remember Larry the Lamb? I sound like him! I didn’t think people noticed but recently my sister told me she knows when I’m getting tired cos I get croaky!

What imperfections do you hear?

Pat x

I vaguely remember Larry the Lamb. Slightly before my time.

I find trouble getting words from my brain to come out of my mouth, sometimes leaves my mouth open with nothing coming out of it. When they come out they sound slightly slurred to me but nobody else notices. I do struggle thinking of the words I’m trying to say.

My voice goes croaky too when I’m tired. There’s no hiding from that.

I know exactly what you mean. It’s very MS I’m sorry to say. It’s cognitive problems. The word is there but it won’t come out. I also know that feeling that the word is slurred. I once burst out crying trying to say something very trivial… it just wouldn’t come out!!!

All of these things are worse when tired… I used to advise people to rest as much as poss… but seems to me I rest all the bloody time and nothing improves a great deal.

If you are spending ages finding the word it helps to say so… “sorry the ole brain is in slow motion” or something… it’s less embarrassing once you’ve said it.

Have a good weekend Mr Grumpy,

Pat x

Hi mr grumpy I also suffer with a speech defect it can realy get me down at times . I often get mid sentence and forget what I am trying to say . My voice gets realy croaky mouth and throat also gets very dry , my wife sometimes tries to Finnish off what I’m trying to say i also don’t have much of a social life as a result as i am well aware if and when it is happening and very consous and withdrawn. I also find myself wanting to be by myself alot which i know is not a good thing but that is just me .

Ps I remember Larry the lamb very well lol

Hi Mr Grumpy, I also get very croaky as the day goes on and sometimes slur my words or they come out wrong. Very frustrating. I guess you notice more than anyone else as you know what you intended to say and can hear how it comes out. I am sorry - this illness is so pants! Teresa xx