Spasm or Cramp Confused

Can anyone tell me please whats the difference between a spasm or cramp ive googled it and found some really unuselful info and i know here someone will know as what ive read in some forums as an unregistered reader is abusive and attacking folks im glad that dont happen here but im keeping a diary and cant figure should i be saying ive had a spasm or should i say ive had a cramp ? as just had a real painful 1 in my thigh just sitting in the chair lasting for about 15 mins now my foot and calf is pins and needley ( made up word :slight_smile: ) thanks in advance folks

respect sean

hi sean

well i don’t know for sure but i remember having cramp pre ms so if it’s worse than that i call it a spasm.

also spasms are supposed to make our limbs jerk out.

i think we are entitled to call it what we want because its horribly painful.

i reckon the ones in my feet are the worst because they make my toes stick out at weird angles.

maybe we should see if they respond to meds but … well y’know fed up of all these meds!

i have a bottle of potassium oil spray and my cramps respond fairly well to that.

carole x

Hello Sheep

A spasm is where the muscle contracts suddenly and/or intermitently and a cramp is where the muscle remains in contraction.

If your not getting help for this problem, see your gp for a proper diagnosis and the correct medication.

Hope this helps

Like you I’ve been confused too leg ‘cramps’ but not in my calves up the side of lower legs and in my thighs sometimes in my back and often in my feet. It’s no fun is it? I get it on the top of my feet too and it really burns. I have been taking magnesium over the last little while and it seems to have helped. Hope you get some relief T

To me, spasms don’t hurt, cramps do. Not scientific, just the way I see it.

Thanks for the replies i have written it as cramps as i know when i was at sea on the Sept 2011 attacks my back went into a spasm (the drs words) and took 3 weeks before i could move enough to get back to sea it was just before the twin towers as only reason i remember it is because it unfolded in front of me on the TV and in all honesty it hurt like ell but thankyou im glad im not the only 1 to get confused

respect sean

Hi I used to have lots of spams, mostly in my legs & feet and mostly at night. I was given baclofen but, although it helped a bit , it made me depressed. My GP at the time told me thatit was the MS causing the depression as “baclofen doesn’t cause depression” but as I only took it “when necessary” it was obviously the problem. When I insisted my GP looked it up and it said, yep I was right, that it can (in some people) cause really bad depression! So of cause I stopped taking it and put up with the spasms, which wasn’t as bad as the depression. Luckily a family member heard that chamomile tea can help, if you drink 5 cups a day. So for about 10 years and although I still got spasms occasionally they were less painful and far less often. I gave up drinking it when I started taking either Tramodol or amatripoline (please excuse the spelling!), I can’t remember which one, as when I read the drug details on line it said not to take chamomile supplements at the same time. I kept forgetting to ask my GP about it but as, since starting the tablets (about 3yrs) I’ve only had spasms a couple of time I’m not too worried about it now :slight_smile: I think that the chamomile tea worked really well for me but, while I’m sure it wouldn’t work for everyone, it might be worth a try but ONLY AFTER CHECKING THAT IT DOESN’T INTERACT WITH ANY MEDICATION YOU’RE TAKING (sorry for shouting, I wanted to emphasis the point but couldn’t work out how to highlight or underline on my new tablet!)

Very interesting, i have also been somewhat confused by this. I worked with a little boy with cerebral palsy and he got spasms, his limbs suddendly shot out and stayed stiff in that position. So i concluded that i did not have spasms as mine is more like before dx cramp, but stonger and more painful, leaving said limb or joint feelinb everso weak and feeble for a bit. Ive never been sure if this was ms related as in my experience was not a jerky spasm. So if it is cramp not spasm is it ms related caused by mixed messasges or just bad normal cramp? Soph

Thanks folks yeep had 1 at 5am this morning damn thing woke me up so i hobbled around for a bit then down the stairs 1 step at a time the dog looking at me like “dad are you drunk” made a coffee had a fag and it eased enought to get back to sleep but damn thing is aching and tingly now from my knee down to the bottom of my foot soz it was in my left calve or calf (brains defo not working today lol )

respect sheep

An MS nurse told one of my friends to drink half a glass of tonic water a day for cramp, apparently it has Quinine in it, which helps cramps. I have cramps around my waist and in my legs and yes they are very painful.

Wendy x