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I saw my nuro on Monday, good news is no lesions on the brain, however I do have cervical hyperIntensisty, he is ordering more bloods plus some nerve testing and bladder scans.

He said the hyperintensity was due to ’ limits of the machine’ I was reading the MRI report over his shoulder and that recommeneded a rescan with and without contrast. He didn’t mention this at all ??

He will write with test results when they are all in and then discuss medication for current symptoms.

Does anyone know what all this means??

Thanks so much


I remember reading a post a long time ago that dependant on the intensity of the MRI some lesions can't be seen, therefore there could still be lesions that the machine hasn't seen. These are your results and if you are not happy with the follow up then ask for clarity on the result and push for another scan, it might not tell you anything else but at least you'd know. You may find that the nerve testing gives some results that then point your neuro to giving you another MRI?

Sorry I can't help but didn't want your post to go unanswered.

Good luck.


Talking about some lesions not being seen…this is also true in PPMS. I spoke to my last neuro about this but she didn`t want to comment. Hmmm.

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Sorry but the mri whizz isnt around at the mo. If you trawl back through old posts regarding scans and look for rizzo responses you might find she explained similar things in the past

Good luck Pip