Social work deny me the right to look after my grandson

I have had ms from 2008 and always been a huge part of my grandchildrens lives from having them over night to seeing them ever day in life.

recently my daughter took mentally ill and social work made her sign kids over to them, we have said my sister and my family we would take the children. Social works reply

  1. I could not have my grandson due to having multiple sclerosis.

  2. My sister could not have the girls due to the fact she works.

i have told them I would be contacting my ms society to see if this is discrimination against me having ms and can I use this against them. We are allowed no contact what so ever with my grandchildren due to this.

how can they be allowed to do this they are not only punishing us but those children, just would like your views on this love Janice

Hi forsyth8, you mentioned that you’d be contacting the MS Society. Our Helpline Team are here for you and they can offer emotional and practical support. You can reach our team via: 0808 800 8000 or and you can find out more about our Helpline Team by visiting




I am a retired social worker and have seen things happen like this but only after lengthy court proceedings. Even then it’s usually because there were no family members that could help. Disability in itself should not prevent you from taking the children.they will be taking into account the children’s ages,needs and other support that you have. Did you have a family law solicitor, if not you really need one.

oh it is wrong for sure…to us normal thinking folk…MS or not!

Get legal advice asap hun.


Hi forsight 8, This is so wrong make sure you get a solicitor,ive have socail workers when my sister falsely accused n i won stay determined and focused. All the best hope you get this sorted. Dolphin500

A social worker told my wife (talking about my mother) “Oh yes, we can put her in a home”

Three years later a social worker told me that my mother was still capable of having an intelligent conversation.
I just asked “How long for?”
“About twenty minutes” was the answer.
So I said “Next time you see her, make sure your conversation lasts at least 25 minutes, You will find that after 20 she will start repeating her self”

The next Social Worker knew her job properly (and by that time I had a Psychology degree to wave at them).



i am glad to hear that social work are doing their job properly.

you have far too much to deal with and your needs are way beyond this forum.

i hope you and your family get the support that you need.



Well put Ellie. No disrespect Janice, but your story is way to sad & complicated for anyone to comprehend, it’s professional help you & your family need, urgently. I am at a loss to what to say, let alone in a position to offer any constructive advice. I really hope that some semblance of normality, whatever that can be for you & your family comes to you. All the very best wishes meant, but this story is way beyond my knowledge, take care Tracey x