So I saw the neurologist...

Thanks to everyone who has held my hand through this. Went to the neurologist today and he confirmed that I have periventricular AND juxtacortical lesions. They are inflammatory (not migraine related) and he said “the most common cause of inflammatory lesions in a woman your age is MS. If I had to bet on it I would say it is MS but we need to do some more tests to confirm it.”

Well, for a neuro, that was remarkably clear!

I hope the extra tests don’t take too long.

Karen x

Well that seemed like quite a good Neuro appointment. Lets hope mine goes as good as yours…mine is in two weeks. at least you more or less know now what the problem is. Hope all the other tests go well for you and keep us posted on future developments. Good Luck.

Thank you, and goog luck with your appointment Wendy.