sleepy/confused/inability to answer/paranoid

HI there I am new to this .I care for my wife who was diagnosed with ms in 1988 she is in final stages of secondary progressive

she is often confused has difficulty in retaining information and finds it difficult to answer questions .She is wheelchair bound has contractures in both legs and it seems to be setting in her arms also.I feel the dantrium does not seem to help her or the baclofen the last few days she has been very sleepy just want to know if anyone has any experiance in this area or advice.Thankyou sorry for spelling

Hello chuck.

Your wife has had MS for a long time and you are a good husband to have looked after her for so long.

Ive had it 22 years and my hubby did the first 11 years by himself. Weve had carers daily in the last 9 years.

Baclofen is a good drug for spasticity and stiffness, but the dosage can be temperamental. A friend of mine has a baclofen pump in her abdomen which helps enormously.

Fatigue is a huge factor in MS and gets to most of us. Good quality sleep doesnt always stop daytime tiredness…I get it too.

Perhaps a word with your wife`s nurse or GP/neuro might help.


thanks for your reply Boudica405. I got married in 1988 and she was diagnosed same year.I could not leave her as she kind of ran away from home when she was 18.I feel like i have lost my life lost myself looking after her.we have 5 kids but i dont think they can completley understand every think…life is difficult for the person with ms its also difficult for the person looking after them waatching them lose a bit of themself all the time.we also have carers but since the virus i have cancelled them just for safeness…where ever i go my wife needs to be with me i guess she feels safe

Bless you sweetheart…you, your wife and your 5 kids.

Life is hard but we do the best we can, for those we love and love us.


Hi there. Reading your situation, I can relate to it.

My wife and I got married 1991 she was diagnosed in '95 with progressive MS and is in late stage.

She has very limited use of her upper body the rest of her autonomy is gone

Her symptoms read like a shopping list both psychological and physical and is taking Baclafen, dantrium, gabapentin and botox injections her bladder and both legs

These drugs make her sleepy, gives her anxiety but they do help with the stiffness, pain and spasms.

I don’t really have much advice to give you. But I do want to say that you are not alone.

I come here and read and up a lot about others going through similar experiences, that is one of the ways i cope. I am new to commenting.


Hi VH, just wanna say hi and thanks for being a carer…chuff knows where we`d be without you angels.


Hang in there Boudica!

I have read your comments here and i want to thank you for outreach to others. You are amazing!

Hi ya I guess there is not much we can do than we already are. I feel like i am living with a zombie sometimes.I have reduced my wifes gabapentan to only when her eyes go funny and she starts getting dizzy.i tried mito q 10 from overseas for around 9 months tried cbd capsules and drops for 6 months they dont wwork. Tried a oxygen machine nothing worked. Terry wahls protocoll tried the diet and after about 6 weeks noticed a big improvement in strengh memory speech spassisity so much so that she was on 0 medication just would also get reiki and accupuntre every week she began to move her wheel chair around the house she would still bang everywhere. She then decided she did not want to eat this type of food. the diet was not easy but did work. I am back to square one again.Oh i even got a claivoyant in and he said to my wife that she was stopping her self get better.Even a hipnotist . i have tried many things. in the early days after the steroids stopped working I found a private clinic in glasgow that was persribing L D N after a few days there was much improvement in walking memory fatigue and much more this lasted for 8 years thens started to slow down and stop.Just need to keep trying.

I am impressed with your devotion to your wife and your tenacity to try anything out there that would make a positive impact on your wife’s quality of life.

Your way forward is to keep trying anything out there, that is what I am understanding from the information i am receiving, please correct me if I am wrong and I am often wrong, but may I say, there comes a time in a carers life that only a few can empathise with and each to their own, however it is sad day and that day is ours and we own it. Does that make sense? to me it dose. We are many and we are strong.