Slap in the face... told to stop amitriptyline immediately :0(

Hi all

Had petechaie and migraines/eye pain for just over a week which my GP pretty much dismissed on Monday and gave me the impression that I was being a hypochondriac. Told to go and lie down in a dark room with no further investigation or examination, despite saying I had spoken to my optician on the phone (know her as lives in same village) who said because of the parasthesia and other symptoms I should be investigated by Dr asap. She said to email a photo of the petechaie to my rheumatologist. This took a few days to track down his secretary to get an e-mail address for her - she was wary of gving out his ?!?

However, I got a message from my consultant rheumatologist at 7.30 this morning asking me to phone him on his mobile asap. He was really concerned about it all (very different attitude to GP) and had got my last blood test results back last night. Turns out my ALT liver test has shot up to over 400 (normal range up to 45) in the last few weeks. He is sending me for an ultrasound of my liver and gallbladder but as I’m not a big drinker and have no other risk factors for hepatitis or liver failure etc, he’s told me it is likely that the amitriptyline that I’ve been on (20mg) for nerve pain may have caused a bad reaction and I am to stop, cold turkey and he ill review again when he sees me next week.

This is the only thing that has taken the edge off my pain and let me get some sleep. Aaarghh!

Any one else had this or know what else they migt be able to give me instead?



Mmm…that’s why they’re called general practitioners.

I know that Pregabalin (Lyrica) is prescribed for neurological pain. I have more muscular pain and find Tramadol to be very effective but tbh I would ask your rheumatologist (not the GP) about them as he seems to be more on the ball, especially since he wants you to stop immediately.

I don’t think 20mg is a massive dose to be on hun & hope you are ok but I’m glad they have spotted the problem. A few sleepless nights is a small price to pay IMHO.

Please let us know how your tests go, will be keeping em crossed for you.

Mags :slight_smile: xx

That must have been a terrible shock but, as Mags said, at least your rheumatologist was quick to act. Hopefully he will sort a better alternative that your body can tolerate.

Good luck


Pregabalin and gabapentin are alternatives. They are in a different group of medicines from the one you are taking so you may be able to swap.

Amitriptyline is a type of antidepressent.

Hope you find something that suits you better.


Thanks all. Wide awake and in so much pain and tingly numbness. Not sure if it is due to no amitryptiline since yesterday afternoon or if it’s hell just because I was expecting it to be. Aaarghhhhh! Want to scream. Other half has escaped to spare room to get some sleep and escape the moaning monster! Expletive expletive etc etc! Rant over! Thanks for listening! Cx