Significant implications.

Hello all, hope limbo lands well for you this evening. I tried to pm you Karen but couldn’t work it out, could be coz I’m drowning my sorrows in a bottle of chardonnay. Got copied into a letter from neuro this afternoon which states that more lesions showed up on my MRI. It said that this would have significant implications for me which would be explained on 23rd March during clinic. I am taking from this that ADEM has been ruled out now and we,re back to ms. Do you agree? 23 march seems a long way off. Seeing gp on Monday for routine appointment, think I’ll ask him outright, do I have ms or not. He didn’t include any specifics about the report other than more lesions, Thanks for reading and for all your support, Chis.

Thanks Mary but money is tight so the wait goes on.tbh my gp ia amazing and lets me rant. I know he is worth his weight in gold. Good luck for tomorrow I hope you get some answers.

Hiya…gosh that is way too long to wait…seems many on here are kept waiting…sorry it has become a bit of a bugbear…lol

Your Gp sounds wonderful so yes am sure he can shed some more light on this and hopefully explain to you regarding the lesions…it may be where they are that has prompted this in the letter…not sure on that myself. re elsions and MS dx.but see what GP thinks and you can decide what to do from there.?


Thank you scoobie I’m pretty sure that more lesions=ms. I don’t think it can be anything else going downhill fairly rapidly, haven’t been able to get around easily this week after a busy half term. may have to bite the bullet and ask about a blue badge as can’t park near school to pick up kids and the walk nearly killed me yesterday

Hi Chis.

Sorry, I was out all day yesterday. I agree with you: new lesions very probably means MS. ADEM lesions do not increase over time The fact that the neuro hasn’t brought your appointment forward also means that it’s unlikely to be something that needs urgent treatment, which also suggests MS.

Bl**** stupid letter though! “Significant implications” - what the heck is that supposed to mean? Is it supposed to “prepare you” for the diagnosis??? Doh!

Maybe your GP could push for more info?

Karen x

Thanks Karen, your posts in helping me understand all this have been invaluable.Tbh a Dix will be a relief after all of this time. As I said before I am thinking of applying for a blue badge, going to ask the gp on Monday about it. Do you know if I need a dx to get one? My husband won’t talk about this with me, I think he thinks I should just struggle on but this week has been so hard. Turning into a professional whiner! Chis x

You don’t need a dx for a blue badge. The only requirement is having ongoing mobility problems (so someone with a temporary disability, like a broken leg, isn’t eligible). People who get high rate DLA get one automatically, but anyone can apply.

It can be an absolute godsend. So don’t listen to your husband!!!

I think you can download an application form from council websites - might be handy to have one with you when you see the GP?

(I bet you don’t whine anywhere near as much as you could! Definitely amateur status only :-))


Hey Chris

Do hope you get some answers re results etc…and it will be good to know finally one way or another…

Yes the blue badge sounds a very good idea…and as Karen says you can apply via your local council…I have one and its a godsend…although i have to say there are never enough disable parking spaces…but i am cheeky and will take a parent and child space at supermarket if no disabled ones free…you can also park on double yellow lines if needs be…but sometiimes the traffic wardens dont like that…lol Your badge should arrive quite qucikly…

At the end of the day as you have realised its time to try and make things a bit easier for you…seeing as you are the one out and about…not your hubby…it must be a man thing…to carry on regardless…its just not possible and we all have our limits…lol