Sign letter to Cameron about PIP 20 m rule!

Here’s the letter and where you can sign:

Pat x




Done. I can’t gain access to Facebook while I’m at work but will share on there later when I’m at home

Done, thanks Pat x

Done and posted on Facebook

Done …but wouldn’t complete until I typed at least one friend’s email address into the registration form. I think - although the intention is probably sound - this ‘requirement’ is totally inappropriate!!

…I sooo hate webpages/forms that force me to do certain things. I’m quite capable of deciding things for myself, and if I look for advice, I’d much rather be guided by a human being rather than a webpage!!!


Done. Thanks for hat Pat.

Shazzie x

Hi Dom, yes that irritated me a bit as well… esp as I’ve got no memory and can’t remember email addresses… had to open another tab and open email to find an address… LOL … but as you say the intentions are good.

And obviously the more people that sign the better… so thanks for signing.

Pat x

I’ve now shared on Facebook. I did manage to complete it without adding anyone else’s email address. It threw me when it asked for one but I scrolled to the top of the page and it said thank you for signing so I’m sure I have done so. I simply closed the page without completing an email address. I have shared on Facebook anyway so hopefully my supportive friends will also add their signatures.

Tracey x

Surely everyone knows by now that the economic crisis was caused by the poor and disadvantaged, so only right that we should be made to pay. Personally, I think this caring government is being far too generous with a 20 meter limit and a further reduction is needed.

Thankfully, the Old Etonians are rightly protecting our precious banksters and giving them massive tax cuts, as they are clearly blameless.

Ok, I signed.

Done :slight_smile: x

done x

Done :slight_smile: x

Hi Liam,

It didn’t force me to enter at least one e-mail address, and I certainly would have found it inappropriate if it had! Unless you mean my own? I did have to enter that!

I was a bit miffed that literally the moment I had, I got an e-mail saying: “That was Step 1, now for Step 2”.

I thought: “Wait, I just wanted to sign a petition, I haven’t agreed to any flippin’ Step 2!”

It was a: “Now share this with all your friends” type message. Which I won’t be doing. I don’t want to alienate all my friends by expecting them to support every cause or campaign I do. It might not be something they feel the same about, and I don’t want them to feel awkward I asked.

I thought that part was a bit of a cheek.


Hi Tina!

Yep, I also had that email immediately requesting I spread the word to all friends and family. Afraid I found that a liberty and ‘binned’ the email right away.

(I can quite see myself as Aleksandr - the ‘head’ meerkat in the ‘Compare the Market’ TV ads - indignantly proclaiming 'I will not be dictated to by a rock!!)


Hopefully done - but not passing on anyone else’s email. Mish : )


Done xx

I couldn’t even open the letter but trust you that it’s significant, signed and shared on fb.