Side effects or symptoms?

For the past 3 weeks i’ve been suffering with prolonged bouts of TN. In the midst of this i’ve started taking tecfidera (week 2) and duloxetine (1 week). I have had a bit of improvement on the TN front but now feel like i’m shaking internally (sometimes feels as though someone is shaking my brain) and feel totally weak and wiped out. The only side effects i’ve had from the tecfidera is some flushing. Unfortunately this is making working really difficult - i manage to get half a days work done before having to go home and sleep and i think i’m wearing by bosses patience down. I really just wish i knew if the shaking feeling was a symptom or a side effect of the new meds - anyone any thoughts? Thanks

hi murraymint

ask your pharmacist for advice with this.

hope you get some relief soon

carole x

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Thanks for your reply - I’ll give that a go. MM