Should I follow the Fampridine option?

I have Secondary Progressive MS affecting my ability to walk (I am now full time in a wheelchair). My husband found an article in the Guardian about this drug which appears to assist mobility. It is not available on the NHS in England (it is in Scotland and Wales). We are prepared to pay if it will give an improvement. Does anyone have any experience or advice?

Hi Susie,
I’ve been taking Fampyra for 4 years. I live in England so frustratingly have to pay £186/ month.
I was offered a months free trial before I made a decision. I felt that it did help with my walking.
However over the last year my walking has got worse - use a walking frame and mobility scooter when I’m out. Now just take one tablet a day in the morning.
Ask your neurologist if you can have a trial. Then you can make a decision.

Take care

There have been quite few posts about Fampridine over the years and seems to be a good drug if you are a responder, but not so good if not.

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