SH%T my good eye aches

out of the blue my good eye is aching enough to keep me awake , i gotta be honest im now

pretty worried as i can’t see fer s$^t from my left eye , with that 1 i just awoke blind kinda

worried about trying to sleep has anyone ever had ON with total loss in both eyes & who

should i contact ms nurse or gp , im not the sort in worse case scenario to accept it well

if im stuffed & can’t do anything regards sheep

Hi Sheep! Sorry to hear that you’re suffering with your eyes. It must be horrible! I’ve never had ON, thankfully, but, many on here have, so I hope you get some advice real soon.

Fingers crossed!

Besides, I need you in this rock group of ours- you’re ‘the main man’!

Tracyann xx

Hi Sheep I had bilateral synchronous ON - both eyes affected at same time. The ophthalmologist said I was the first person he ever saw with that.y neuro seemed quite surprised too. The main issue I was told is that if you already have poor vision in one eye they have to be extra careful of your other good eye so iv steroids were sttongly advised. I had them only a month previously and didnt want them twice so close together but now I’m so glad i did as my second eye to become involved is is almost normal, don’t get pain in it and it feels almost like it was never affected. The eye which has had multiple attacks has never improved much. Aches a lot, vision fluctuates etc etc. As its your second eye I would try to be seen today as an emergency. I had to go in on a Sunday when my second eye flared… Didnt like it but was so worth it. Take care xxx

Thanks Tracy Jen Anon

I rode into A&E yesterday and was rushed upto the emergency opthamologist he said its another attack though the optic nerve in the good eye is not pale in colour and in the dotted number book i read 5 out of 20 with the bad eye and all of them with the eye under attack now , he took bloods to look at Kidney & Renal & inflamation readings (not sure why) im guessing inflamation of another ON will show up in the bloods , but unsure why renal & kidneys check im sat waiting for an emegency MRI and then eye clinic on Fri with the view of poss steroids , yep im going to go for it and have them if anything at least to try and protect the vision i have in my righ eye and hopefully stop the pain

Dont worry Tracy if anything goes wrong i can play with my eyes shut as ive been teaching myself in a pitch dark room though i do hit a few wrong notes hee he he he he we will ge by and get a number 1 i am sure :slight_smile:

respect sheep & thankyou x