Hi all, diagnosed PPMS in 1984 and spending the next decade in either a Hospital or a Hospice or in several other disability related institutions until 1994 when upon receiving a rediagnosis of RRMS I was then able to
95% self-rehabilitate myself by following my own regimen of
Diet & Exercise which I follow to this day and I am still walking each and every day in 2021 and beyond.

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Hello Monty , wow !! This is amazing and great news of how you were able to rehabilitate yourself successfully with lifestyle changes. Personally I avoid dairy as it definitely makes all my MS symptoms go bezerk ! Please could you share what lifestyle changes you’ve made , I would be very interested to find out more.


Hiya Silverqueen,

Sorry that it’s taken so long for my response but it’s currently summer season in NZ., with today’s temperature of 28C and getting hotter.