Self catheterisation

Hello to all :-))

i Just wonder to those of you who catheterise daily, how many times a day do you have to do it please?


Emma x

Hi Emma,

I do it 5 times a day but sometimes it can be more, say if I’m going out I always go before or if I need to do it at night.

I started off doing it 3 times a day but I retain now so I need to do it more.

I don’t know if you have already started to self catherertise but although it can be daunting to begin with, it’s not long before its the norm. I started using a mirror but now I just do it .

It has helped me a lot.


i do it every morning but i really ought to do it more often.

my report card will say ‘must try harder’!

in fact i’ll go and do it right now.

I can’t wee without using ISC. So I do it at least 5 times per day, more often it’s 6 times.


Every time I need to go. Obviously depends on how much I drink but usually 5 or 6 times a day.


Thank you all that is helpful. At the minute I just have urgency and frequency, I’ll be starting in a few weeks so wondered what to expect x

I think the most important thing to remember is don’t worry about it. There are loads of us doing ISC all day (and night) everyday.

It’s a lot easier than you think. One thing that’s actually dead handy to have done before you start is to get a mirror and (assuming you can do this) have a look at yourself ‘downstairs’, so to speak. It’s not until you start to ISC that a lot of us have had a proper look and just familiarised ourselves with whereabouts the various bits are.

For example, I really wasn’t aware of what the outside of my urethra looked like, nor precisely where it is in relation to the rest of the bits. This meant I was doing my ISC initially looking in a mirror and finding it all a bit kind of embarrassing.

Eventually, I decided to just have a go without a mirror and OMG, it was tons easier than I thought. Once you know where it all is, and are familiar with the sensation of putting a plastic tube into the urethra, it’s actually quite easy.

When you learn how to do it, with the help of a nurse, she’ll likely ask you do you want to try catheter type A, B, C (right through to Z). I would suggest that you opt for one that’s rigid enough to be able to insert easily. Also, one that’s hydrophilic (a special kind of plastic that gets slippery when wet and comes with integral water) rather than lubricated. Probably something like Speedicath, which can have a bag attached to it, which means you could actually do it sat on the bed, with a mirror strategically placed to help you see what you’re doing.

Good luck with it, don’t worry if you have more questions, we’ll always answer what we can.


Thank you for bringing up this subject.

Now I’m starting to travel a lot more I’m thinking about using one for convenience; especially with flying.

Of course I assume the orientation is easier for the male of the species as long as they’re not hampered by a full fold-over fat stomach.

Hopefully I’ll be seeing the MS nurse soon, as my GP suggested.


Again thank you Ssssue,

im not really worried about it, quite keen actually as the days where I’m bursting do my head in. The scan I had reveals that I’m not emptying fully so I’m hoping it’ll make life easier. Just wondering what to expect and how to make it fit in with life. You’ve been helpful Thankyou.

Steve- I’d say first step is to be referred to the continence nurse. That’s why I’ve done and she’s been great x

Hi Emma,

hope all is going well.

I have been SC for years and it is really easy once you get the hang of it. I tend to use quite a lot - up to 9 a day.

one word of warning is that during my period I have to be extra careful to insert the catheter up the right tube. As it is so easy for the catheter to touch blood then up the urethra = UTI.


Min xx

I used to do just morning and last thing at night, but I had big problems with uti’ just after a day or two of starting and being ultra clean I’d develop a uti and always on a Friday flipping night so ended up at hospital. Now I don’t do it until it becomes really necessary and I can take a antibiotic along with it

Hello I’ve not been online for a while so in response to the last couple of messages- Thankyou :slight_smile: It’s been fine and how now calmed down so I’m not doing it often

5-8 times a day. Depends on how much I drink.

love using them… it’s so easy stand I front of the loo then in a second it’s in place.

tilly x

Trying to gear up to doing it twice a day before bed and first thing in the morning due to some retention (300mls) as the Urologist advised but admit to being unenthusiastic and haven’t quite got there. My reluctance is that I take a medication for diabetes 2 that causes lots of extra sugar to be in the urine and I am wary of UTIs

Does extra sugar lead to more UTIs Bob? Urine retention certainly does. Is it a case of damned if you do and if you don’t? Sorry, it’s got bugger all to do with me, blame excessive prurience and general interest (aka nosiness).