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Hello everyone, I watched tha channel 4 programme on thursday with great interest. During the programme the Israeli neurologist said the average age of death of a MS patient was 65. Is that an accurate figure? I haven’t heard a figure like t

hi robert

it’s an average age so compare it to the average age of the general population.

it’s best not to dwell on such things.

i know a lady who is 79 and has had ms since she was 30.

she gets around with the use of a rollator, has just revamped her house and is always off on a cruise.

what i’m trying to say is that us humans have so many variations.

carole x

I thought I heard “longevity for people with MS averages 67 years”.

What I remember most from the programme was the comment about how people with MS treat their carers. I recognised myself there! I want my husband to see the programme and then say sorry to him. I so snap at him at times (not something I’m proud of I have to say)