Scrollbar missing!!

Hi Guys!!

Has anyone else’s scrollbar disappeared ?? Mine has - from this site only!! xxx

It’s there on the main homepage but has disappered from the forum pages x

And there was me thinking you had disappeared aswell!!!

Have you been working too hard to come on??? cuz you know what too much work does to you.

How have you been?


Hey Pip!! I went away for a week for my birthday & had a fab time!!

I’m ok - just whacked out & recovering!! xxxjenxxx

Nice to have you back and so glad you had a good time.


ps no good asking me anything about scrollbars I’m afraid but hope it gets sorted.


Welcome back Jen, Frank.xx

Hi Jen Glad you had a good time I don’t have scroll bar I have touch screen.

welcome backl Jen and happy belated bday. Hope you had a fab time. Good to have you back.X