Scan results monday

I’ve not had my results of MRI yet but I must have sounded sooo stressed out to my consultants secretary she went and got another Nero ( mine was away till yesterday) to read the report and tell me there was nothing sinister ie brain tumor… I do feel better but still anxious as to hearing the results on Monday, I defo have eye disturbances now which I’ve not had bit I’ve been doing a lot if resource unto vit deficiency and b12 is unbelievable I may be clutching at straws but I do for the bill, but I have a history of myelitus Will keep u all posted And thank you Does anyone else know about b12 ??

Hello Lisa

Its getting late for my brain now can I give you a link to a very good website, which I think you will find really helpful. search B12 deficiency.

All the best with your results on monday, I hope you get some answers .

Take care,