Rrms or ppms

My husband has recently been diagnosed with ms following an MRI of brain and spine - we are still waiting results of lumbar pucture. We did this privately through a non ms specific neurologist and he has not confirmed rrms or ppms. My husband had two ‘episodes’ before this one of numbness in the feet and groin which he recovered from which might indicate rrms. However this time he has had tinnitus type issues for about 8 weeks and numbness in the bottom half of his body neither of which have resolved fully yet although there have been a few little improvements. He has taken oral steroids but again just a little bit of improvement. Could thus just be alonger relapse? Or could Thisbe ppms? I am so scared of ppms because there is no treatment. He is 33 years old. I am so worried about the future even though his symptoms are pretty mild now.

Hi Nylon,

The Criteria for a MS DX is the Mcdonald Citeria, first pubished in2001 and reviewed in 2010.

The Criteria say it is possible to clinically dx MS without any tests, they recommend that investigations are carried out so test results can provide further evidence of MS.

DX of RRMS rests on; 2 x relapses, seperated by more than 30 days, or 1 x relaps andn MRI Scan 3 months later that show new lesions.

DX of SPMS; they must have had relapses in the past, shown a steady increase in disability for at least 6 months, whether or not they continue to have relapse.

DX of PPMS; if there has been no previous relapses and if there is a progression of disability overat least a year, an M Scan that shows lesions consistent with MS, evidence of MS detected by examin the spinal fluid colleted during a limbar puncture. (Many people have a lumbar puncture if other tests arn’t cnclusive.)

Hope this is of use. Andy

From your description it sounds like RRMS & not PPMS. The neuro probably needs all the test results before making an exact diagnosis, even then it might difficult to be sure as your husband has/is having only two episodes.

I started with RRMS in my late 20’s. There’s no definate time span for the relapses, they could be anytime from one hour/day up to days/weeks, possibly months, they all differ in time & severity, but usually fade more or less back to normal.

Now, after 30yrs, my MS has become SPMS, which for me means that I no longer have severe relapses, but a general decline with health & mobility. Everybody’s MS is different & you learn to adapt & cope. Your husband may want to ask his neuro about DMD’s, if started early they can lessen the amount of relapses & the severity of them.

But you need to speak with your neuro once he has all test results, it won’t be as bad as it seems at the moment so try not to worry

Good luck!

Rosina x

Relapse can last months and get better very gradually. Have faith. 8 weeks is still quite short really. I had my last relapse in March and am only starting to feel better now.