RRMS for 17 years

Hi all
Rrms for 17 years now since the age of 21, started off on rebiff for 5 years and now on copaxone. Only issue with copaxone is the site injections as have been injecting for 17 years now it takes its toll on your body

Hi Chris
You have done so well injecting for so long. I am on brabio which is like copaxone.

Hi, its tough, i know its only 3 times a week now but i dread when its mon wed or fri, did stop for a few months off my own back due to lumps on skin which you can imagine there is a possibility your going to hit the same injection site maybe 3/4 weeks after the first time

I am omlybinjecting into my stomach at the moment think i need to rotate more.

100% need to rotate more as will feel the benefit, I dont do my arms anymore as the back of my arms have sunk in ever so slightly

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