RRMS and pregnancy... so many questions!

Hi everyone, I’m new to the MS forums.

I’m hoping to reach out to somebody who has been in a similar situation to my current one.

I’m 27 years old, diagnosed in July 2014. I’ve been dx with RRMS however due to the onset of the disease I’ve been on tysabri ever since dx. I’m also JCV positive. My onset was complete paralysis and total numbness in my entire body from the chest down which happened more or less overnight. Took a total of 10 weeks to get back to normal, minus some nerve damage to my bladder (retention) and reduced sensation in legs and feet. Touch wood, I’ve not had a relapse since, so I’m guessing the tysabri is doing its job.

Now me and my wonderful fiancé are pregnant after several months of trying and one very early miscarriage. Docs estimate around 6 weeks. We’re over the moon but now I have a ton of questions and my neuro and ms nurse can only give me estimated answers. Though I guess the unpredictability of this disease doesn’t exactly help.

My first concern is, I’m six weeks pregnant but I had my last tysabri infusion 3 weeks ago and I guess I’m worried what kind of effect that could have on my baby. Also, I’ve read some articles and forums that insinuate a lot of women have a relapse after giving birth, have any of you experienced this? Any stories or experiences from anyone would be great. There’s nothing like the worry of a woman’s first pregnancy, never mind throwing in a mix of having MS, having to come off the one drug that’s kept me relapse free- plus being jcv positive… trying not to worry but as an anxiety sufferer that’s like telling a fish not to swim haha.

Please help,

Kelsey x

I experienced a relapse after my first pregnancy and was diagnosed with MS then. The relapse wasn’t very bad - I had some balance issues. I’d been having balance issues (not being able to walk downstairs without holding the handrail) on and off for about five years. So, it was mild, mild stuff. But now, eighteen years later, I’m using a walking frame or a wheelchair most of the time (sometimes I can manage with two sticks - yay!).

My advice would be: try not to worry about the effects of Tysabri on your baby - there probably won’t be any. You probably will be protected from relapses while you are pregnant, because your immune system is suppressed then. Get back on Tysabri as soon after the birth as possible - you will be in danger of relapses then. I don’t know if you can breastfeed while on Tysabri, but if you can’t, my own view would be that fending off relapses is more important than breastfeeding. Make sure that you have high levels of vitamin D while you are carrying your baby and make sure your child is has good levels of vitamin D once he/she is born. Doing both of these things will protect your child from getting MS.

I haven’t done all these things but I wish I had been able to do them when I was your age - I really believe I wouldn’t be in the position I am now if I had the chance to do them (but there wasn’t any Tysabri then).

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