Rizzo .. anyone plz .. MRI .. periventricular v perpendicular .. what's the difference ?

Good Morning all :slight_smile:

My MRI reveals multiple discrete foci of hyperintensity of the white matter, some of which are perpendicular to the lateral ventricle …

I’m just wondering what the diff between perpendicular and periventricular is as I am familiar with periventricular ( well kind of ) but was wondering if lesions which were/are perpendicular are still ms typical ?

If Karen or anyone else could please translate into laymans terms for me ?

I am hopefully nearing the end of my limboland journey, LP booked for Tues which will be the last of my diagnostic tests and Neuro app booked for July 4th where I’ve been assured a dx will be confirmed then so I guess I’m just curious, impatient ect and would appreciate any input offered :slight_smile:

I’ve only posted once before but come here daily to read all the posts ect and almost feel like I know you all … there is so much support and understanding … this site has really been a godsend to me, and the info I’ve picked up here has been invaluable.

Hope everyone is having a good day … TIA … :slight_smile:

Ness x

Hi Ness :slight_smile:

Perpendicular and periventricular are different things, but a lesion that is described as perpendicular to the ventricle will also be periventricular (i.e. next to the ventricle).

When there are several lesions that are perpendicular to the ventricles, they are called “Dawson’s fingers”. They are absolutely classic of MS and are called that because they look a little bit like fingers sticking out from the ventricles. (I guess they were named after someone called Dawson?!)

It sounds like you have something like this, which is highly suggestive of MS.


Karen x

Thanks for explaining Karen,

That’s a great help !


Karen - I know it’s been said before BUT I haven’t so here goes. You truly are amazing all the help in interpreting complicated doctors speak for everyone. Grateful thanks Min Xx

Thanks! Bit of luck really - MSer and an MRI nerd rolled into one, lol!