Rip off prices of disability aides

After stugling to get out of car last night I thought I would get one of those HANDY BAR door grips for easing out of the car TWENTY FOUR QUID for a bit of metal with some plastic on it. Why are we ripped off by everybody I wouldnt mind betting my funeral will cost more than an able bodied person

Hi , not a comment on the prices of equipment. However, I wondered if the bar helped you get out the car. Getting in and out of the car is a big problem for me and I’m interested in anything that could help me. Cheryl:-)

On the same tack, the arthritis ring pen is really expensive and I am not sure it would be worth the cost.

If anyone has tried one I would appreciate an opinion.


£40 for a step to help me in and out of a shower? I don’t think so! I got one of those exercise steps from Tesco for a tenner and it does the job perfectly. I also am steadier on a hand towel in the bottom of the bath rather than a proper rubber mat - but that just might be my particular bath.

I object to the prices I see in the catalogues and am always looking for alternatives.

I’ve not heard of an arthritis ring pen but will have a look. I’ll never be on Dragon’s Den, but I can be pretty resourceful (or at least I used to be when my brain was working properly).


The way I see it is like food at motorway service stations - it’s massively overpriced, because they know there’s nowhere else you can go. Fortunately a lot of the time there are other much cheaper options, but sometime, as with the handy bar, the product is a bit too specialist. I was fortunate enough to buy one off a friend for just a tenner, and it was ten pounds well spent, as I find it helpful for putting my wheelchair on the backseat of my car. Hope it helps you too.


I bought a bath step for £7 not that long ago, I did post the details here as I don’t think they would have had them long,bought one for my sister (who was in hospital at the time prbable fibromyalgia) and one for my mother. It was for sale at £39.99 on various other sites, also had shower stools pretty cheap from Home Bargains where they had walking frames quite cheap a while ago,it’s always worth a look there. I have seen a shower seat that is suspendedI on a grab rail - these are very,very expensive normally,talking £s in the hundreds, buy it now £40 on ebay…it’s an estoli one if anybody is interested, I am,but witing for final dimensions of bathroom extension. But yes, mobility sites are ridiculously expensive. I will carry on posting any bargains that I do see.

I’ve seen the handy bar for £18.95 (VAT free).complete care shop

Thanks folks it was just a gripe and I will have to stump up the dosh or go without but it just seems put disability in the title the price goes up. I know they are specialist items but give us a break.

Ive just been away for the w/end and hired a scooter fot 2 days at the cost of £30.00 they had many scooters and over the 3 days the show was on must have made a bomb,thats just a hidden cost that able bodied people dont see,i agree we are ripped off with the cost of equipment.


I was moaning about twenty four quid I looked on eBay and one seller was asking forty two pounds now that is extracting the urine if you ask me. Don

I was maybe lucky when I got dx they put ot to help and ask if there was anything I needed. I didn’t have patience to wait for a seat for the kitchen but they went and got a seat for over the bath and just to get in Touch If I needed anything else. Is this not normally the case and I was just lucky x

My physio supplied my bath seat for free. I did wait 6 months to see her though and a further 2 weeks for the seat to come. It’s a good job I had been managing in the meantime. Whenever I went really wobbly/dizzy in the shower I just sat in the bottom of the bath but it was the getting up again that was the problem . I agree about the price of disabled products, I’ve had a look through the catalogues supplied by the local mobility shop and thought lots of the items looked like they would be a big help but not at those prices. Maybe they are under the same illusion as Daily Mail readers - that we’re all raking it in on benefits?!

Tracey x

My OT supplied me with a bath board, a frame for round the toilet and one of them high seats for the sink. And two stair rails because I live in a first floor flat. That was all she could justify in her budget…I think that’s good…all free :slight_smile: She also gave me tips, such as using a travel kettle for cups of tea, due to my weak wrists. She was a lovely lady :slight_smile:

My OT’ s Have done loads for me seats rails bath raise wheelchair etc it’s just the little extras that the prices seem so expensive and then as I said someone is asking twice as much.

Hi, back when I started with problems walking, I did buy many of my own items myself and found I was racking up a lot of expense!

Being disabled IS very expensive. Here are just some of the things I`ve bought.

I reckon I have spent around 35k of my own money on things such as;

several manual and electric wheelchairs

a scooter

2 beds and a few mattresses, looking for the right one

walker and walking sticks

grabbers and grab rails

several types of flooring in the bathroom

a deck with ramps for access

changing the doors from sliding to french on the conservatory

the latest thing is my all new wet room and removal of walls, which makes getting around the house,much easier for me on my chariot! My OT did put me forward for a DFG grant, but here is a huge waiting list a I was number 161 on it!

So we got a bank loan for 9k to pay fo it all!

All this is besides the equipment I`ve had from the local authority, which probably comes to a lot more!


I daresay we havent done yet.

I know what you mean life is expensive