RIP lemmy

RIP lemmy, so many memories, aint life so frail!!

long live rock, julien,

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Awww I didn’t know

“that’s the way I like it baby, I don’t wanna live forever”

RIP, one of the greats of rock music.


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Well he lived a great life played hard and died fast. My ears have never been the same since seeing Motörhead .

I remember Lemmy & Motörhead at donning ton in 1986 with I think Def Leppard on the next day.

RIP Lemmy & thank you


RIP Lemmy! Certainly lived a full life and leaving as a legend x

If your slight vagueness as to the precise details is, as I hope, for the best of reasons, the great man would surely approve.


Lemmy - I remember him playing in Hawkwind.

RIP Lemmy.

Carole xx

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RIP Lemmy