Hi folks - just wondering if any of you take resveratrol for MS - it’s supposed to increase circulation and improve blood flow - I ordered it today from Dickson’s Chemist (where I get my LDN) seems to get good feedback…

Bump!! I can’t help, hopefully someone can

Thanks Blossom - Dickson’s chemists that supplies my LDN are supplying it…

lf you google Resveratrol - there is info saying it is not recommended for people with MS. l know that you can buy it easily online and that the compound is produced by the skin of red grapes and Japanese Knotweed ammongst others.

Worth reading up on it. Dicksons [where l also get my LDN from] are connected to Essential Health - who do promote Resveratrol -

Amazon sell it.

Thanks Spacejacket…

Hi Redman, I’ve never tried it but I’m interested in what Spacejacket says because maybe 17 or so years ago there was quite a bit of excitement about the extract from red grapes being beneficial for ms and Spacejacket says this contains the extract of red grape skins. So, is there something in this theory or do the same theories just keeping being recycled into different ideas. Cheryl:-)

Do you need a prescription to get LDN from dickinsons X

Yes, but my GP prescibes on the NHS and worth asking the question. If that does not work out then ldn is easily available privately.

My neuro does a private script for 6 months for me and it costs £16-£18 per month for liquid and tablets are more expensive.

Hi everyone,

I did some research in Google Scholar and found the following:

It’s all in very scientifc language, and I don’t exactly know what to make of it as a final result, but it seems to help with certain aspects, especially in neuroprotection. It seems to act better in higher concentrations, according to the experts. Low dose resveratrol doesn’t seem to make much difference. Of course, trying to get resveratrol from wine is not only useless for people with MS, due to the alcohol content, but there is only an insignificant amount of it per glass. Same as the one found in foods.The best would be a supplement with a good concentration of it, but really, information is very unclear. The medical establishment are always against natural remedies, that’s why I tend to not always believe their warnings against them, and try to investigate in independent sources. I’m still going to research more, as resveratrol has so many proven health benefits, shown in thousands of clinical trials, some human.