Restarting DMDs after break


Just wondered how many have restarted DMDs after having a break.

I was on Rebif for 18 months and suffered a couple of relapses while on it so we decided to have a break from injecting. Now I am wondering whether I should restart.

Has anyone else had a break and restarted after a year?

Shazzie xx

Hi shazzie I was on rebif for six months. I was very poorly with it and had a couple of more minor episodes with my eyes like mild ON and nystagmus as well, so my ms nurse suggested stopping it and starting copaxone. I only had a few weeks in between stopping one and starting the other though. Do you have an ms nurse you can call? Were you thinking of starting rebif again or swopping to a different DMD? I found that sometimes the first one you try, is not the right one for you. So far I have been on copaxone for six weeks and am so glad I made the change. We all react to meds so differently that’s why there are different ones to choose from I guess. Good luck. Mish x

That doesn’t make much sense to me. If you have relapsed on 1st line drugs you should be offered alternatives assuming you are in the UK. Have you relapsed since being off it?

Hi Mish and Anon.

Thanks for replying. I have been pretty good since leaving it off. I stopped 18 months ago but over the past few weeks the fatigue has got much worse and all the symptoms have started playing up again so wondering whether I made the right decision in stopping the Rebif.

I think I will call my MS nurse for a chat.

Thanks for your help and have a nice day.

Shazzie xx