Respite care?

I’ve just had a home visit by the physios and have been advised not to walk anymore and to transfer by using a rotastand. The not walking is actually a relief as it was getting so hard. However the reliance of having someone to transfer me is another issue. It takes away any independence from me choosing when to move.
My husband is great and will do what he can but we both have concerns as to when he will get a break. What’s the position for me to have care for him to say, go away for a weekend?
Our minds are swirling at the moment with what this means for us and would like to hear what other people do.
Many thanks,

Hi Sarah. I fully understand your concerns re progression and losing mobility. That happened to me some years ago. Too many falls and struggles made it safer for me to use a wheelchair and a patient turner.

I have 3 carers, my hubby being the main one. I get 30 hours a week, plus 2 sleepovers to give him a break.

As a carer, he gets £250 a year to use for a break for himself, while I go into respite.

Ask your Social Services about this chick.

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