Remedy for rectal pain/rash & a big moan, groan & vent!!

Three years ago, before ms diagnosis, I had some rectal bleeding & had a colonoscopy. After sedadion & excruciating pain it was abandoned due to bowel spasm (radiographer said scar tissue prevented the camera getting around).

Then I had a barium barium enema to X ray the bowel. Results were negative for cancer so that was that.

Over 10 years of pain, memory problems, occasional double vision, spells of dizziness f

eeling dizzy etc, I was beginning to feel I was a hypochondriac.

It to

ok over 9 years of seeing neuro psychologists, rheumatologist, stroke clinic before I even saw a registrar in neuro dept. He arranged my 1st M

RI & told me I have RRMS.

I changed hospitals & gp. I saw the MS nurse 3 times yet not a neurologist consultant. Eventually I saw a registrar who took notes & said I have

PPMS as no relapse & I was 52 before symtoms began which are slowly getting worse.

I have never seen a neurologist consultant! I see an MS nurse twice a year.

For 2 yrs I have double incontinence & my gp referred for thorough tests as some bleeding. I told him the colonoscopy was abandoned & so a Sigmoioscopy & Colonography were done this month with 2 weeks between each test. The Sigmoioscopy was successful & showed 2 very tiny polyps which they removed, 3 haemorrhoids & a couple of tears around the anus.

I obviously had the preparations to clear my bowel. Severe & painful due to the haemorrhoids & tears - so it felt like I was walking with broken glass from my bottom!

After the Colonography (which was relatively easy & not too painful) there was considerable liquid residue which burned the tears & raw skin rash - I literally couldn’t walk.

I’d tried Vaseline then barrier creams of Bepanthen & Double Base. My terrific new gp examined me (eugh) & all it took was Lidocaine 5%. to stop the burn & glass feeling. Oh the JOY & RELIEF.

I’m considering going private to see a consultant neurologist as I feel lost in the maze. Just having him/her to confirm ppms & then get back to nhs MS Nurse for support or counselling. I’m trying to come to terms with losing me & my abilities but my daughter thinks I’m not accepting that everything is different for me.

Sorry for such a lot of moaning when I know there are many in worse conditions.

hi chrissie

dont apologise for moaning.

there are grown men who would cry if they had to go through what you go through.

it’s shabby of the nhs to not have had you seen by an ms specialist.

have you tried PALS?

take care chrissie

carole x

I agree with Carole, this is definitely one for PALS. Your treatment has been rubbish. Send them an email, explaining everything you’ve mentioned above. Please don’t say there are people worse off than you. Other people on here say that also. Don’t make comparison’s. You are not moaning Chrissie…you have problems, that need sorting. Good luck x

Oh love! You have certainly been through it and still are. I feel for you re the rigmarole of diagnosis…been there meself!

It all sounds so chuffin painful for your poor botty. I think these problems are an aside to the MS.........I dont think ive heard about anyone having so many problems like you`ve had…but who knows, anything can happen it seems!

I saw a neuro privately initially, as there was a 10 month waiting list. I also paid to get the results of my 1st MRI. Then I went NHS. I was treated with disdain by the nurses who knew I had done this…but what is it to do with them, eh?

You do what you feel is necessary for you hun.

I do hope things improve, you`ve had enough rotten times.

luv Pollx

Thanks folks for your words of comfort. Results from tests have shown an aneurism on my kidney (wihich apparantly is usually only discovered when camera used for other investigations happens to see it. I may have a stent inserted - goodness knows what that means. But I’m very happy with the hospital and their prompt attention. This is completely unrelated to MS.

This week I saw a Senior MS nurse and she was appalled at the 9 years messing around by the other hospital. She advised my MS is the primary progressive type based on increased symptoms and no relapse - just continual off days. She is arranging occ health & physio too.

The cognitive difficulties are most distressing, the reason why my driving licence is revoked (& I can no longer drive) as my ‘thinking time’ is too slow to react when driving. I also forget who said what and that includes the gp & hospital appointments but of course my hubby or sister come along to take notes.

I STILL haven’t seen the Neurologist consultant, but my fabulous gp is chasing this up.

So although no actual improvement, things are moving in the right direction, I’ve bought a portable mobility scooter to preserve energy and to give my hubby a rest as I was hanging onto him when walking.

Once again, thanks for taking the time to read my nattering on.

Christine x

Oh Christine, what a rotten time you`ve had…but it does sound to be improving a bit now…not before time, eh?

The scooter is a great idea. Why drag ourselves round when such things are available?.

I thing going private would probably a waste of time, seeing as you are so far down the line already.

Youve got a good GP and MS nurse now, so youll get to see a neuro at some point.

Save your brass lass, and spend it on summat nice for yorself.

luv Pollx

Hello Christine

If you do have to have a stent fitted, then the hospital will explain everything and you will be able to ask all the questions you want. Basicly though, a stent is used to open up arteries to improve blood flow…also used for kidney/ureter treatment. It sounds like the hospital are going to look after you well.

Lovely, that you now have a good ms nurse on your side. I think it helps to reduce stress levels, when you feel more supported.

I can empathise with the cognitive problems, I too have had my license revoked. I’m starting to enjoy being chauffeured about though

I’m really glad that things are moving in the right direction for you at last.

Enjoy your mobility scooter

Noreen xx