Hi, Just wondered how people decide that they are definitely having a relapse. Do you think if you’re uncertain then you probably aren’t? Never sure whether things are caused by ms or just things that happen to everyone. I hate that with sensory symptoms there are no visual signs that something is going wrong and half the time I’m unsure if my brain us making it up or something. I think also,perhaps I’d rather ignore it and assume my brain is making it up rather than accepting it may be a relapse… Anyway the question- how do people decided that a relapse is definitely happening? Cheers Alix

One guide is how long the symptoms last for.

Several Neuros use seven days a a guide.
One told me “Make a note of any new symptom that lasts for a day - if it lasts for more than a week, get on the phone”.

We are all so different, that there is no clear guide on what symptoms are indicative of a relapse - it could be a bad case of “brain-fog”, or vertigo, or fatigue, or pain, and these cannot be seen at all. But if you follow the advice above, then the fact that you have observed the new symptom for a full week does sort-of say that it should be taken seriously.


Thanks geoff :slight_smile: